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As a DTTT member, you can now become an X. Festival Supporting Partner. This will provide you with a larger exposure across the X. Festival audience.

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Businesses are a Key Part
of the Tourism Sector

We are allowing DTTT members to become Supporting Partners because we believe it only makes sense to give free access to the whole tourism industry. No exceptions.

The industry is still recovering from the pandemic and these are the times in which we have to support those who need it most. All businesses suffered from it and any help we can provide will be relevant to them.

Empowering Local Stakeholders

Your industry will have increased abilities and skills to cope with the challenges in tourism today. Not only is X. Festival a great event to update knowledge in multiple areas, but also to learn new things from others.

The sessions and panels will also inspire stakeholders to move forward, to be bold and to innovate.

This is also a great opportunity to foster collaboration with the industry in your destination. By watching X. Festival together, stakeholders will be closer and more willing to share expectations.

All of this for free! Any business from any destination can sign-up for free and watch the inspiring content from X. Festival.

How does it work?

We need your help to reach out to all businesses that might benefit from X. Festival.

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In order to become an X. Festival Supporting Partner, we ask you to share the event with your local industry using your own digital channels.

Use our Content & Templates

We will help you by providing you with the templates, text and graphics needed to communicate with your stakeholders.

What do you need to do?

We will just ask you to click below and fill out the form with your details. After the form, you will receive the templates we provide to share X. Festival with local businesses. You need to be logged in to access the form.