Damcho Rinzin

Bhutan Tourism Council
Chief Marketing Officer

Damcho Rinzin studied Bachelor of Applied Management in Hospitality and Tourism from the University of New Brunswick, Canada and started his career with the then Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Trade and Industry as a researcher and marketing officer. With double master’s degree from Australia in international tourism and business, he is happy to be playing a key role in marketing and promoting Bhutan.

He currently heads the Tourism Promotion Division and the Division is responsible to market and promote Brand Bhutan. He takes pride and keen interest in developing and promoting the unique ‘Brand Bhutan’, which he believes is key in promoting the high-end tourism policy of Bhutan. Damcho is an aspiring tourism professional, dedicated to contribute in strengthening the tourism sector in Bhutan in his own little ways. And he is happy to be given the opportunity to take part in every aspect of tourism development in Bhutan