Exploring the Future of Travel Marketing

Friday 04 December 2020
2:00 PM CET

Facilitated by Cadi Jones, Beeswax.

The world's travel and tourism industry reached near complete shutdown this year. As suppliers dependent on tourism succeeding, we are all focused on how we can support the industry to get back on its feet.

The year 2020 has been profoundly challenging, with cancellations mounting and weak bookings, amidst a seemingly never ending climate of uncertainty and fear. But, the challenge faced by those selling to the tourism industry is rarely in the spotlight.

This roundtable explores the future of travel marketing. Yes, you heard it right, this session is all about the future of travel marketing and what it means for vendors in that digital brand funnel who are so badly impacted by budget freezes, uncertainty and changing priorities. We've all experienced it, but here we're talking about it.

In this session, we focus on your story - how you triumphed and gave back in that time of need, how your strategy has pivoted out of necessity, and where your business has sought opportunity, in search of resilience. This is where X. Festival gives back to the digital publishers, the programmatic powerhouses, the technology problem solvers and the brand strategists who drive tourism forward.

In this session, we're inviting competitors to be brutally candid in coming forward to share their pandemic story. This is for everyone who stepped-up when clients found themselves in a tailspin, whose teams reached out with unwavering commitment to help, support and stand by the industry. Nine months into the pandemic, we ask, "how is that working out for you?" as we look to build consensus around strategy, future business prospects and where demand is coming from.


This roundtable sets out to create an honest conversation between competitors who rarely share strategic insights so openly. This is not a sales platform, but a space to come together and share what's working, what's not and how we move forward from here. 

This is a three-part discussion, here's what we'll cover:

PART 1: When the pandemic hit...

  • How we responded, how we continue in uncertainty
  • Supporting clients - do insights convert?

    Open Discussion

PART 2: Talking adtech / martech 

  • Meeting shifting client needs - "where we're seeing demand from our customers"
  • Shifting to intent and consent - "helping clients to succeed with first-party data”

    Open Discussion

PART 3: Spotting opportunity and demand

  • Flipping markets, industry sub-sectors and solutions
  • Where to invest - business scenarios and becoming risk-averse

    Open Discussion

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