Reviving Urban Tourism

Friday 04 December 2020
09:30 AM CET

Facilitated by Nico Mulder.

On X. Imagine, join us for a detailed debate about the future of City DMOs, confronting head-on some of the biggest challenges faced by cities today.

This session will put forward key questions for discussion, such as:

- How do we continue to support our industry with severe budget cuts hampering efforts?
- What skills and strategies are needed to become a driving force for sustainable recovery?
- What is the future of the City Break market and how can we continue to be competitive?
- What's the impact of global tourism and business travel and the likelihood of either returning soon?

These are just some of the critical questions we will be asking, as we invite a wide-ranging panel of cities to share their views on the current crisis and future strategies. There is much dis-alignment in the world today, but this session supported by European Capital of Smart Tourism aims to boost innovation on the path forward for city DMOs.

How do we remain relevant and become an effective force for recovery? That is the question up for debate.


The aim is to invite a pluralistic view on the issues faced by urban destinations today forming clear alignment on how to tackle them for a stronger tomorrow.

PART 1: The Impact Scale: Reality vs. Resilience

  • Sizing the impact on urban tourism on global cities
  • Recovery signals, diversification and revenue replacement

    💬 Open Discussion

PART 2: Defining Purpose: Shifting Perception of City, Brand and Leadership

  • Exploring the keys to an inclusive and resilient strategy
  • Transparent and inclusive leadership and why it matters today

    💬 Open Discussion

PART 3: Driving Competitiveness: Keeping City Tourism Alive

  • The changing nature of urban tourism and living
  • Rebuilding and recovery: Air bridges, coordination and cooperation

    💬 Open Discussion


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