Working With the Cultural Sector to Prepare for the Future

Wednesday, December 8, 2021
1:25 pm

In the theme of Future of Urban Tourism, we will explore the role of city DMOs in developing and redefining the offering of the destination.

Wonderful Copenhagen will be sharing their perspective as a City DMO that has always stood out for their bold strategies and initiatives. Together with Runa Sabroe, Director of Development at Wonderful Copenhagen, we will look into the process and the work behind the scenes to understand how Wonderful Copenhagen has worked with stimulating the cultural sector to strength the city and prepare for the future. We will share how Wonderful Copenhagen has engaged and involved cultural partners with facilitated innovation processes. The goal is to encourage the cultural institutions reimagine their services, business and offerings. This is going to be a very interesting discussion, as it represents an in-depth look at the reality of being a City DMO in the new era of travel.

30 min