Training Hospitality Staff in a Post-Pandemic Context

Tuesday, November 29, 2022
11:25 am

The pandemic has shifted the needs and expectations of hospitality's workforce, with a growing need for soft skills over hard skills to allow them to become more adaptable to change and respond to the ever growing needs presented by the digital environment. This calls for increased attention towards training resources and helping those in the industry develop their capabilities to be motivated to remain a part of it.

Make sure to join this session to explore how the Learning and Development pillar of INSETE organises and delivers educational actions that enhance, develop, inform, and motivate the most important factor of the hospitality experience: PEOPLE.

From the hand of the Head of L&D at INSETE, Magda Peistikou, we'll dive into how they organise seminars, conferences and establish strategic partnerships, aimed at empowering and developing the skills, abilities and culture of the people in the tourism sector in order to "connect tourism with its people".

45 minutes