The Role of Destination Apps

Friday, December 10, 2021
1:10 pm

Let's talk applications. As we know, a few years ago, apps became a thing and every brand launched their own. But what happened to them? Do they still work? Are they still utilised? In this talk, we are discussing the role of apps for destinations and we are doing it with Vienna Tourism Board, who only recently launched Ivie App, one of the best destination apps you can find out there. We decided to cover this topic as part of Leaders of Digital.

Julia Jakoubek, Digital Applications & IT-Operations, is going to give us some insights on the decision making process, design and performance of Ivie. We particularly like the app because it contains the perfect balance between top-level inspiration and practical information to discover the city: it is the perfect companion for independent travellers and responds to the needs of visitors in a post-pandemic world.

45 min