The Powerful Tourism Trifecta

Monday, December 6, 2021
2:30 pm

JoAnna Haugen, Sustainability Expert, is joining X. Festival to contribute to the Theme of Sustainability & Stewardship. She's going to present the Trifecta of Sustainability, Social Impact and Storytelling as the three key pillars for a more responsible and equitable tourism model. 

Here are some definitions that will help us draw some conclusions during JoAnna's session:

  1. Storytelling - When the tourism industry supports diverse storytellers, embraces transparency, and surfaces a variety of storylines about a place or experience, it begins to break down the traveler-centric, dominant narrative that has caused socio-cultural and environmental harm.
  2. Social impact - When the tourism industry deviates from the dominant narrative by highlighting local social impact initiatives and solutions to local challenges, travellers have an opportunity to directly support the local community, are better able to connect their "real" life with their experiences/observations during a travel experience, and can actively have a positive impact on the places they visit.
  3. Sustainability - By using storytelling to more transparently talk about global challenges and support social impact initiatives, local storytellers, and diverse storylines, the travel experience allows communities' stories, priorities, and solutions to be centred. In this model, tourism is a vehicle through which sustainable development is actively supported at the local level by travellers.
15 min