Market-based Solutions for Impact in Tourism Destinations

Monday, December 6, 2021
2:55 pm

Promoting the creation of market-based impact has two sides: facilitating the development of new ventures and funding their growth. In this session, Jost Neumann (TUI Care Foundation) and Eric Schuetz (GIZ) will combine their expertise to talk about sustainable venture creation and philanthropy in tourism destinations. While Neumann will provide insights into the means of venture philanthropy, Schuetz will introduce the lab of tomorrow (lot) and share successes and challenges of past lot projects, using the example of supporting the development of the tourism industry in Egypt in collaboration with TUI. The focus will then turn to one of the latest joint projects, which aims to support the tourism sector in Namibia with digital solutions. This will also be an open call to participants who want to get involved in the initiative.

This session will provide an overview of how sustainable ventures can be created and supported to generate social impact while fostering the growth of the tourism sector around the world.

30 min