Live & Work Anywhere: From Idealism to Realism

Thursday, December 1, 2022
4:25 pm

In this session about Digital Nomads, we’ll be hearing from Alexandra Lazarin, Senior Trip Designer at Airbnb Luxe, who’ll be taking time out of her day job to talk to us about her first-hand experience embracing life from a totally new perspective.

Alexandra has spent the last two years living the remote lifestyle, quitting her home and choosing to use travel and Airbnb's flexible work-anywhere policy as an opportunity to try different places to live - and work.

In this talk, Alexandra will reveal what it was like to make the switch, from the experience to seeking inspiration and finding communities to engage with. More specifically, she’ll share insights from being part of the Digital Nomad community in Gran Canaria and what she also learned from others.

In the second part of this session, Alexandra will bring together different perspectives on ‘Nomadic Living’, demystifying some of the myths and perceptions from those with first-hand experience.

Nelleke Meijer, community manager of the digital nomads community "Live it up, Las Palmas!" in Gran Canaria, will join this session and share how she dedicated her free time to building a strong community for digital nomads, remote workers, expats and local entrepreneurs.

This engaging discussion will explore this trend from a traveller, worker and company perspective, to better understand the opportunity, value and also - the limitations to be aware of.

60 minutes