Panel: Leveraging Partnership in Becoming a Foodie Destination

Monday, November 29, 2021
4:10 pm

Rebecca Mackenzie is the President & CEO of Culinary Tourism Alliance, a Toronto-based organisation working with communities to grow food tourism by leveraging the history, heritage and culture behind the gastronomy that makes each destination unique. In this session, Rebecca will lead a panel made of delegates from different organisations that are involved and committed to uncovering the food & beverage potential of Canada as a destination. This panel will follow Rebecca's keynote and will be part of Emerging Trends. This is the perfect occasion to understand how we can make partnerships work and how we can build relationships that are strong and resilient, and that allow the tourism and food industry to thrive even during and after a pandemic. We will also uncover how a variety of traditions and culture is unified to create diverse and inclusive experiences.

45 min