Iceland on Maintaining Digital Competitiveness (Part 2)

Thursday, December 9, 2021
1:40 pm

How do you inspire travel during a global pandemic?

Daði Guðjónsson is the Head of Branding and Market Strategy at Business Iceland. His presentation is going to be about how and why DMOs can effectively use digital options in marketing their destinations, even though travel isn't an option at the moment. By presenting the Let it out (scream) campaign as a case study we are going to discover more about the analytics used and data to know which of our audiences are most accessible and how to tap into the social forces defining our audience mindsets. At the heart of our campaign was a digital platform that invited people all over the globe to "Let It Out"— send their shouts of frustration online to be released into Iceland's landscapes. I will also go over the communication methods we used and the results.

15 min