Ensuring Diversity in Travel Storytelling with Contiki

Wednesday, November 30, 2022
12:10 pm

Contiki brings together young travellers from all corners of the globe to discover new cultures and explore exciting destinations. Their marketing strategy is characterised by creative campaigns and effective collaborations with travel brands around the world. Lottie Norman, Content Marketing Director at Contiki, will be presenting to us the thinking behind Pride is More Than a Party and behind The Story of a Warrior Woman, two campaigns and trips designed in partnership with Tourspain and Travel Alberta respectively.

As tourism professionals, we need to consider what role Inclusion and Diversity play in the industry and learn how to plan a series of actions and initiatives that take place on important matters such as Ethnicity, Gender, LGBTQ+, Mental Health and so on. Join us for some inspiration on how collaboration between destinations and organisations can be a real force for good.

50 minutes