DTTT Co-creative Session on Emerging Trends

Tuesday, November 30, 2021
4:20 pm

To wrap up the first theme of X. Festival, Founder & CEO of DTTT Nick Hall and Knowledge Lead Laura Morello will go through the trends that have been discussed over the last two days, what we've learnt and what we might need to prepare for in the coming year. This will be an open discussion so everyone is welcome to share their thoughts.

In the co-creative sessions, we apply the principles of Design Thinking, gathering a wide range of perspectives from people that commit to sharing their knowledge, prompting discussion and putting ideas forward. Anybody can come as they are and everyone's opinion is respected and valued.

We will also provide you with a toolkit of simple activities and quick exercises that anybody can use in their office to work as a team, brainstorming and ideating together.

40 min