Data Leadership to Support Digitalisation (Part 1)

Thursday, December 2, 2021
1:10 pm

Hannah Babineau is an International Marketing & Partnership Manager at Data Appeal and Stefan Marchioro is the Head of Territorial Projects and Governance of Tourism of Veneto Region in Northern Italy. They are joining X. Festival as part of the theme of Digitalisation & Competitiveness to discuss how they worked together to understand and use data more efficiently and transform Veneto Region into a data-driven destination.

Data Appeal enriches internal statistics for Veneto with POI and location-based insights, such as arrival and booking data and provides proprietary indicators on the sentiment, Covid-perception and state of the tourism wellbeing of the territory as well as the composition, origin and purchasing behaviours of visitors.

This insight is invaluable for the hospitality and food and beverage industries, as well as local museums and attractions. The Region of Veneto leverages Data Appeal’s API to integrate the data into the online platform, adopting it into their daily business practices, monitor tourism trends, sentiment across the territory, visitor insights and much more.

20 min