Atmospheric Design in City Tourism

Tuesday, December 7, 2021
1:25 pm

urbanana represents the banana-shaped urban jungle that extends from the Ruhr Area and Düsseldorf to Cologne; it is a hotspot for incredible urban events and diverse and multifaceted experiences. The focus is on three different thematic threads: Urban (pop) Culture, Start-up Milieu and Expat Community and Design, Craftsmanship and Contemporary Arts.

This session includes a quick presentation of the initiative and a panel of stakeholders and partners, who will present how they aligned under the same brand, putting their efforts to achieve common goals and develop the place consistently.

Together, they'll try to answer the following questions: what makes up the atmosphere of a city; what aspects play a decisive role here with regard to residents and guests?; what changes in expectations can be observed and how should a cultural institution, tourism organisation, network institution react to them or actively shape them?; where is the journey heading in the coming years?

60 min