Understanding Responsible Travel from Data & Behavioural Insights through to Marketing & Product Development

X. Purpose
Dec 1, 2020 11:30 AM

In this session, Vicky Smith, Founder and CEO will reveal us how the correct use of data, the acknowledgement of behavioural insights and the use of innovative marketing tools can support the development of responsible travel experiences. Her expertise ranges from sustainable travel to marketing and e-commerce. She is an accredited guide and ranger and has previously been a resort manager. Earth Changers is a unique startup when it comes to purposeful travel; it represents a curated collection of best practices on how to generate positive impacts on communities and environment and develop sustainably through tourism. With experience and knowledge in the global travel industry gained by witnessing first-hand the issues and effects of tourism for local people and places, Earth Changers aims to spread the word to encourage sustainable development and purposeful experiences.

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