Touch Video Academy Workshop

X. Imagine
Dec 4, 2020 3:00 PM
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There are so many examples of powerful brand content and businesses pivoting right now, whilst mastering their own story. Ultimately, what we’re seeking for on the last day of X. Festival is a hands-on, workshop-style session, which shows really amazing, valuable and useable techniques that everyone watching can take home.

This session will conclude the Business Track of X. Imagine so that you can learn practical skills to promote your brand and bring your destination or business story in every home and office. It's all about video and how to create a professional high-end cinematic feel without the budget, team or kit. This is all about bringing you down-to-earth with tips and tricks on how to use the everyday gear you have at home, to re-imagining the surfaces, spaces and opportunities to create really amazing content.

We hope this closing workshop leaves you inspired to use your weekend to go out and create something incredible.

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