To Infinity and Beyond — Adapting Your Marketing Approach for the Road Ahead

X. Engage
Dec 3, 2020 3:30 PM
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With the flow of travel and tourism disrupted and slowed by the pandemic, many destination marketers are finding themselves in one of the most challenging situations they have ever faced. Budgets have been cut, reductions in workforce have been made, and overall uncertainty is at an all time high. But even in these challenging times, solutions are starting to emerge, and it may start with shifting our mindset about how we approach travel marketing. In this session we’ll:

  • Look at how the pandemic has impacted travel around the world.
  • Explore how tourism budget cuts and disruption mean re-evaluating traditional approaches.
  • Discuss five things you can do now to better prepare your marketing strategy for recovery — and beyond.

This talk will be led by Jason Swick, VP of Strategy and Insights at SimpleView who comes with a wealth of knowledge in working with Destinations and will be sharing the experience of him and his team in finding a new approach to destination marketing by maximising the tools and resources at our disposal.

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