The Voice of Industry

X. Imagine for Industry
Dec 4, 2020 12:30 PM

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Facilitated by Nick Hall.

Hundreds of thousands of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises woven together creating incredible, lasting experiences, is what makes tourism. The millions of livelihoods which depend on a thriving visitor economy look for leadership to ensure barrier-free access to markets and connectivity, safe conditions in which to operate and most importantly trust so consumers have the confidence to start travelling once more.

This critical inflexion point leads us to ask many questions about what kind of industry we want to see coming out of the pandemic. For most, necessity has led us to pivot, whether it's from international to domestic or from real visitors to digital subscribers. Whatever our background or situation, we are all forced to think like start-ups, to become true entrepreneurs and to learn to take risks as we don't just weather the storm, but innovate like never before to come out stronger.

Together with that storm come many questions that we as an industry must face. In this critical session, simply named 'The Voice of Industry', we're setting out to ask those questions, to invite industry to speak-up, to hear directly from the businesses. We're exploring how to open-up safely, responsibly and confidently, how to avoid further setbacks and how to chart a consistent way forward to sure up business resilience and consumer confidence for the months and years ahead.

During this live and interactive session, we will be closing out 2020 with an optimistic outlook as we move forward into 2021, for what we hope will be the year of recovery. The voices shared during this session will form part of a The Recovery Manifesto, putting the needs of industry directly to global, local and national leaders driving the recovery agenda.

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