The New Role of Creators and Influencers - Popularity vs Responsibility

X. Engage
Dec 3, 2020 10:30 AM

Creators and Influencers have an increasingly powerful role in influencing consumer behaviour and decisions, but how do you define the good influence?
In this panel, introduced by Dominique Audibert from Whalar, we will dive into the world of influencers and creators supporting responsible and sustainable initiatives. The panel will be joined by influencers sharing learnings and insights from their audience and their plans for 2021. Whalar is a full-service influencer marketing and content creation solution. The company leverage the most creative and credible talent to produce high-quality content for brands, including tourism businesses and organisations. On a mission to "liberate the creative voice," Whalar makes advertising more personable, more culturally relevant, and more effective by the inclusion of all creative voices.

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