The “New Normal” you say … Really?

X. Rebuild
Dec 2, 2020 4:35 PM

Todays’ market environment is definitely new to all of us, but certainly not normal. Until travel restrictions are unleashed offering a “normal” travel market functioning where demand can shape again, forecasting and portraying the “new normal” future demand is a very risky and too early bet.

Today, travellers visit places they can or are allowed to go. Tomorrow again, they will travel where they want to go, choosing first destination brands they trust. The session will share inspiring data-based stories of resilient destinations which succeed in protecting their brand equity throughout the crisis, using the right data at the right moment. 

The insights shared by Olivier Henry-Biabaud will touch on different themes. Not only they will explore the traveller sentiment, the destination reputation and visitor satisfaction, but they will also focus on the residents, how they are affected by the pandemic and how they are reacting.

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