Tech as an Enabler for Inclusivity and Empowerment

X. Disrupt
Nov 30, 2020 4:25 PM
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In this session, Matthijs Keij will show us how technology can be a far-reaching enabler that drives and supports the development of new ideas and the growth of life-changing initiatives. He will talk about how destinations can involve local guides into the experiences creation process, developing new ways to interact with the audience such as virtual tours.

Matthijs Keij is the CEO of Withlocals, extremely passionate about connecting people with cultures through technology. He has extensive experience in founding companies in online marketing and technology and leading them to success. He lives in a small village in the Netherlands that was once home to Vincent van Gogh. With the mission to connect people with cultures by breaking down barriers between travellers and locals worldwide, the Withlocals platform was created as a marketplace which facilitates the connection between travellers and local hosts all around the world. Guests can explore the hidden gems of a city with their private local hosts, while locals have the opportunity to earn an income by sharing their city & passions with their guests. 

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