Stewardship as a Driving Force Behind the Brand

X. Imagine for Industry
Dec 4, 2020 5:00 PM

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Moderated by Nick Hall and David Peacock, who will be joined by a number of destinations.

This session is all about purposeful marketing, asking the question "can destination stewardship become a key driving force behind the brand?".

As we look towards the future for a sustainable recovery, what role will stewardship play in brand competitiveness? How can we understand the keys to economic success whilst also considering the entire tourism value-system beyond GDP, revenue and bed-nights?

As marketers, the pandemic has taught us to excerpt cautious consideration in how we convey the brand. We've been reminded of the need for responsible messaging, the need to 'hold back' if the time isn't right, or to lean-in when it's needed most. Whether by design or by accident, strategy or tactics, immersion or information, we've learnt to apply empathy as we decide on our messaging and as such to become altogether more 'considered' in our approach to marketing.

The paradigm shift of 2020 will leave every one of us with a sense of what's really important. For many, this has meant a newfound determination to protect, celebrate and appreciate what we have and those small things that really matter. It might be that love for a local producer right on our doorstep or that sense of community and people coming together, or that discovery of the destination on in our back yard, from wondering empty city streets to discovering local nature trails.

How does all this come together when we consider recovery, growth and competitiveness? We'll be exploring the balance between appreciation of every day and the parallels of the thriving tourism industry - and the ills that come with it. Inevitable, or avoidable? It’s all up for debate.

These are just some of the things we'll be discussing with an esteemed panel of destination brand marketers, as we explore the shift in attitudes around the impact of tourism on local communities, the environmental footprint and the increasingly conscious traveller seeking meaningful connections with only positive impact. When the world travels again, we want to be brand competitive, succeeding on impact, not volume.

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