Reinvent Tampere Campaign: Meeting the People Reimagining Business, Community and Everyday life

X. Purpose
Dec 1, 2020 10:45 AM

In this session, Grigory Kharitidis will share what lies behind 'Reinvent.Tampere.', a transformative storytelling campaign created by the city of Tampere in Finland, featuring curated stories of residents. He will share with us how storytelling can not only be a mere marketing tool but a unique opportunity to scale trust between the destination and its residents.

Grigory Kharitidis is Project Manager at Visit Tampere, where he manages a variety of marketing projects. As an aspiring essentialist with 15 years of experience in destination and tourism marketing, Grigory believes that the primary focus of DMOs should be on building relationships and scaling trust. Visit Tampere is the official destination marketing organisation for the city and region of Tampere in Finland. The destination was promoted during the pandemic as a trusted place where people can safely reinvent themselves, their business and even their way of life, coming together as a community, and thrive.

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