Regenerative Travel - Purpose from a Marketer's Perspective

X. Purpose
Dec 1, 2020 10:20 AM
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We’re so pleased to have Elke Dens speak at X Festival, bringing a fairly unique angle on the on Destination Marketers through the lease of purpose. As we increasingly realign our values in the wake of the pandemic, considering what travel and tourism can give back to the world, to communities and to visitors is now more important than ever before.

At Tourism Flanders, this reflection on the role of the DMO is a process that has been taking place for some time, as the industry has spent much of the past five years shifting mindsets from volume to value, Tourism Flanders has been considering the role it plays in a changing tourism landscape. With the future of our industry now in the balance, how do we consider the role of marketing and destination promotion amongst the wider context of society and values?

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