Reflecting on the Vienna Visitor Economy Strategy

X. Rebuild
Dec 2, 2020 9:45 AM

Earlier this year, Vienna Tourist Board launched a radical new 'Visitor Economy Strategy 2025', charting a bold way forward for the city and how it sees tourism in the future. Well, you might be wondering right now - is any of this still relevant considering everything is now in question? Well, that's precisely the question we put to longstanding CEO of Vienna Tourist Board, as we take a second look at a strategy, which is perhaps more relevant now than before ever.

With everything that happened soon after launch, Vienna's strategy perhaps didn't get the attention it deserved. Today, we take another look to understand how some of the really key points in the 'Vision and Objectives' set out to focus on prioritising quality of live, local sentiment and quality, meaningful and sustainable experiences, may become the guiding principles with which we should all hit reset. Vienna's strong focus on a 'dialog' with its stakeholders and citizens is one element which really stood out to us here at the Digital Tourism Think Tank and an aspect we have all learned to appreciate in the current climate. Is this likely to continue to strengthen? We look at how an open strategy inviting a participative approach to grow organically as a platform for change.

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