Re-Imagine Meetings, Events & Business Travel

X. Imagine for Industry
Dec 4, 2020 11:00 AM

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Facilitated by Mariska Kesteloo, Word of MICE.

This roundtable is dedicated to the re-imagination of a sector arguably worst impacted by the global pandemic. Whilst much of the world's tourism industry has seen bursts of recovery, opportunities to open-up once again, the MICE sector, for the most part, has remained shuttered and is expected to do so at least for the near future. Whilst we are all counting on recovery, as an industry there is also a sense of realism and the challenges of a sector driven by people connecting.

So how bad is the sector hit? When and where might we start to see a bounce back? How are cities, venues and suppliers diversifying or innovating to survive in the short-term and what will change look like in the long run? These are some of the critical questions we'll be framing in this 1.5-hour discussion with a wide-ranging set of experts and practitioners sharing their views, experience and take on the future of business and incentive travel.

This session also takes the opportunity to bring the subject of sustainability into the fore. Whilst sustainability has dominated the conversation in leisure travel in recognition of shifting consumer mindset and the urgency to protect what we have, the same conversation has been a little more muted when it comes to MICE, but no less important or urgent.

We'll be looking at the fine balance between competitiveness and the need to secure high-yielding, high-attendance international conferences and the need to innovate in how we help the sector to thrive amongst a backdrop of the new work-from-home business culture and the growing preference or necessity for online meetings and events.

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