Re-Defining our Role as Destination Marketers

X. Rebuild
Dec 2, 2020 2:00 PM

In this talk, Gloria Loree, Senior VP of Marketing Strategy & CMO at Destination Canada explores the current juncture following years of record growth and the choices faced by Destination Marketers as we look to a brighter future. Only last year in Oslo, Gloria shared with us the ‘under the hood thinking’ behind Destination Canada’s long-evolving brand and marketing strategy. She spoke about the many pivot points and learnings along the journey and reflected on the dizzying array of choices faced by today’s marketers in a digital world.

As we find ourselves in the most unprecedented moment of our time, what are the decisions and choices faced by Destination Marketers at this current juncture and how to what does it really mean, ‘to come back better’? Gloria will be exploring many questions from a Destination Canada perspective. From restoring confidence in travel once again to choices as to which markets we should prioritise. From deciding on appropriate messaging to which metrics will eventually determine if we’re successful or not. Join us to hear one marketers perspective on all of these questions and more.

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