Partnership for Recovery

X. Rebuild
Dec 2, 2020 9:15 AM

Partnership for Recovery: Driving Brand Equity, Building Demand and Catalysing Growth through Partnerships and Innovation

Lynette Pang, Assistant Chief Executive, Marketing Group - Singapore Tourism Board (STB), shares the incredible work done by the DMO to contribute to the fast recovery of the destination. This keynote includes some takeaways about the outstanding and resilient work of STB to overcome crisis through a solid and bold strategy, that considers learning from the past, adapt, improve and be prepared for the future. As the key player in the tourism industry, the Singapore Tourism Board is in charge of detecting and building strong partnerships, to co-create a brighter future for the whole sector. Industry Partnerships are based on a set of pillars that allow fast and efficient development of the destination. These pillars drive brand equity, strengthen demand and act as a catalyst for growth and innovation.

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