What would a Sustainable Tourism Acceleration Centre look like?

X. Disrupt
Nov 30, 2020 11:45 AM

theCamp is an innovation-driven location in the South of France, where technologies and bright minds work for a sustainable and purposeful future. In this session we will meet two of these bright minds: Benoit Bailliart & Pashû Christensen, respectively Lab Director and Programme Accelerator at theCamp. They will show us the amazing possibilities to accelerate solutions and incubate new brilliant ideas towards a more sustainable travel industry.

Pashu Christensen is French-American and has studied in Barcelona and Paris for a Master's Degree in International Economics. She recently moved from San Francisco to Marseille to continue what she has been doing for over a decade: support radical entrepreneurs to challenge the status quo by bringing innovation and tech to the next stage.

Benoit Bailliart graduated from La Sorbonne university and the NEOMA Business school in Rouen, and later earned certification in disruptive innovation management at Harvard Business School. He has many years of experience in open innovation and sustainable transformation, as well as in digital startups, AI, smart mobility and digital marketing. He directs theCamp Urban Lab, aiming at transforming cities and citizen mindsets. theCamp is unique in Europe, as it is the only innovation centre for private and public companies dedicated to positive growth. The aim of the centre is to build a more human, more responsible and more sustainable world by bringing companies, regional and local authorities and people together in one place to address concrete subjects and develop new socio-economic models for the future.

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