Financial Transparency & Sustainability as Non-Negotiable

X. Purpose
Dec 1, 2020 5:00 PM

Join us for this in-depth interview led by ATTA's Gergana Nikolova - Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia with ASI Reisen's CEO on why financial transparency and sustainability is something which for them simply is not negotiable. Learn why operating a travel and tourism business with transparency at the core is a logical step for every entrepreneur to take. If values and a commitment to the environment in which you work are at the core of your mission then why not let others see the impact you create? As business owners and leaders we often try to keep our strategy, financials and planning a secret from our customers, but why?

In a new era of purpose, when our customers seek confidence in who they buy from and the brands they engage with, if we have a great story to tell (and most of us do), why not wear it on our shirt? We hope that this interview provokes critical thinking on the way we approach business and encourages everyone to look at the word, well, a little transparently. Join Gergana Nikolova, Regional Director for Europe at ATTA as she leads this interview focusing on the value we can create not for ourselves but for everyone.

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