Engaging the Influencer Community by Offering Something Extra

X. Engage
Dec 3, 2020 4:10 PM

We're delighted to close X. Engage with our hosts Switzerland Tourism sharing a perspective on influencer marketing. We have seen so many people in the industry discussing different perspectives on the role of influencer marketing in the current climate. There are different views, but one thing we can be sure is that the right influencers can be instrumental in building a trusted voice back at home with their audiences, whether that's a specific market, segment or niche.

Switzerland Tourism recognised that to have a successful influencer strategy in the long-run, they needed to invest more heavily in creating experiences and content opportunities which really respond to the creativity and unique storytelling approach each can bring. Several years back, they were the first National Tourism Organisation to launch an 'Influencer Summit' and gather a wide and diverse range of influencers, all as part of a really unique event designed to offer a really original take on Switzerland.

A number of years on and with the world changing dramatically, we head back to Switzerland to learn from their success and look towards the future when it comes to the role of influencers in our strategy.

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