Destination Websites to Reflect the Needs of Audiences: Perspective from Spain

X. Engage
Dec 3, 2020 3:00 PM

In this double-talk we are hearing from two leading destinations on how their digital strategy has taken shape in the advent of covid-19 completely redefining the modus operandi. We have always been passionate about destinations who are on the leading edge of digital and have been following closely the digital journeys of both Visit California and Turespaña. With COVID-19 upon us and the rules of marketing changing, how do these two equally impressive new destination websites stand out and allow the destination website to continue as a relevant brand platform in a visitor journey which is now truly disrupted. We’ll be hearing from Lynn Carpenter, VP of Marketing at Visit California and Blanca Perez-Sauquillo Lopez, Marketing Director at Turespaña on their strategies around the launch of two new websites in the midst of a pandemic.

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