Designing a DMO strategy using Data and Innovation

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Nov 30, 2020 10:45 AM
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We're really excited to welcome Sérgio Guerreiro from Turismo Portugal to Campus and can't wait for Sergio to share his insights with us. As a DMO, Portugal are responsible for everything from brand, to marketing, to licensing and destination management and development. Portugal is now reshaping the role of DMO, focusing on strategy and maintaining its position as a leading destination. The key elements to this strategy are data and innovation. Innovation is allowing Portugal to lead the way, by setting-up a network of incubators and accelerators and generating a series of ‘open innovation programmes’ all around the country with around 300 start-ups participating. Portugal has created specific programmes in tourism, such as the ‘Smart Open Lisbon’ programme to improvement. They are working closely with corporations to find the best way forward, ensuring their real-time policies have an impact. Portugal is also using data effectively to support making decisions, particularly for business development.

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