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Return to Travel

Free Session

In this session, we are going to discuss how the return to travel looks like with Skyscanner and YouGov. We are going to touch on the changes in consumer lifestyles, behaviour and attitudes in the aftermath of the pandemic, especially from a sustainable angle.


Eva Stewart
Stephanie Boyle

The Role of Destination Apps


Let's talk applications. As we know, a few years ago, apps became a thing and every brand launched their own. But what happened to them? Do they still work? Are they still utilised? In this talk, we are discussing the role of apps for destinations and we are doing it with Vienna Tourism Board, who only recently launched Ivie App, one of the best destination apps you can find out there. We decided to cover this topic as part of Leaders of Digital.

Julia Jakoubek, Digital Applications & IT-Operations, is going to give us some insights on the decision making process, design and performance of Ivie. We particularly like the app because it contains the perfect balance between top-level inspiration and practical information to discover the city: it is the perfect companion for independent travellers and responds to the needs of visitors in a post-pandemic world.


Julia Jakoubek
Vienna Tourist Board

A Branding & Communication Story


Miguel Angel Pérez, Brand & Marketing Director at Visit Valencia, is joining Leaders of Digital to talk about the city's digital marketing campaign. He will present how the strategy has evolved recently and the key pillars that hold up a consistent message across various channels and throughout different campaigns. We are going to explore how they communicate safety and sustainability in parallel with a strong brand that aims at attracting local and international travellers.

Nowadays each minutes hundreds, thousands, millions of contents are being uploaded (images, videos, texts, etc.)... the only way to attract consumers and- in our case- potential tourists is through very unique content. How to create unique contents? I will tell you on my speech with a few recent examples from our wonderful destination: VALENCIA You will learn about some of our recent creations: The Holy Grail campaign (awarded in six countries), the Design Map, our Fallas campaign, etc.


Miguel Angel Pérez
Visit Valencia

Accelerating Domestic Tourism: Marketing Perspective


In this session Claire Cadogan, Head of Digital Marketing, Fáilte Ireland talks about their journey and how the organisation and digital marketing team have had to adjust and react to the ongoing pandemic.  

As domestic tourism was the main driver of revenue for the tourism industry over the last 18 months, Claire will share the highlights, challenges and how the team leveraged their digital eco-system and focused on high impact campaigns and content to support the industry and maximise revenue from domestic visitors.


Claire Cadogan
Fáilte Ireland

Becoming Data Agnostic


In this interview, we’ll be getting underneath the skin of not only why data is so important to set the right strategy and succeed amongst the competition, but also look at the importance of being data agnostic in ensuring the best outcome, with robust and accurate metrics driving the decision making process.

This will be an open discussion on travel intelligence and how it supports key decision making in terms of budget allocation, particularly from a media strategy perspective. It will be extremely valuable to engage with someone from the Travel Intelligence Segment, bringing a bit of a fresh look into the matter.


Tiago Relvão
GTS Altitude

Day Ten Recap


Speakers announced soon.