Design and Innovation
Destination Industry
Sustainability & Stewardship
Digital Marketing

Design and Innovation Award

This award is all about industry products and experiences, whether these are at a concept-level or fully executed. Entries for the Design & Innovation Award should stand out in the overall design of their initiatives.
Best Overall Experience Innovation
Best Overall Design
Best New Business Initiative
Best Technology Enabled Initiative
Best Purpose Driven Initiative

Destination Industry Award

This award recognises destinations marketing and management organisations, enterprise agencies, development programmes, projects as well as private sector initiatives who have stand out for their strength, originality and effectiveness in supporting local industry. We're looking for those who have worked to create impact by supporting industry to be more digitally competitive, resilient and adaptable to current trends.
Showcasing Industry Leadership
Best Industry Development Programme
Best Digitalisation Initiative
Best Co-Design Initiative
Best Industry Resource Hub

Sustainability & Stewardship

It is widely recognised that sustainability will define our industry's recovery. This Award recognises strong initiatives and excellent leadership, seeking to identify those not only saying but also doing and succeeding when it comes to sustainability, ensuring our industry creates a positive impact on communities, people and planet.
Best Overall Sustainability Initiative
Sustainable Leadership
Best Community-Driven Initiative
Best Sustainable Business Initiative
Best Environmental Impact Initiative

Placemaking Award

In the post-pandemic world, placemaking takes on a whole new meaning. This Award looks to recognise the true leaders of placemaking, through leadership, cultural richness, identity and design, demonstrating the role of people and community can play in shaping that sense of place.
The Discovery Award
The Destination Identity Award
Recognition of People & Places Award
Recognition of Cultural Value Award
Best Ambassador Initiative

Digital Marketing Award

After a year like no other in which digital has dominated our daily lives, the Digital Marketing Award gives recognition to those who have created cut-through with the most impactful, innovative and uniquely engaging digital brand concepts in the industry today.
Social Champion Award
Best Storytelling Initiative
Best Digital Campaign
Best Overall Digital Experience
Best Digital Innovator